“New Competitive Player Program” (a stepping stone to our Future Junior Champions Program) is an innovative junior golf program designed for young players who are preparing to play competitive golf for the first time.

A Professional Coaching and Training Program for Aspiring Young Junior Golfers For Ages 9-13 years old

The program introduces concepts and strategies which are suited to competitive golfers and seeks to prepare young athletes for the joys and struggles inherent in competitive golf. Extensive emphasis is put on coaching these young players to fully understand how to train effectively, both for competitive golf and for lasting improvement.

The main program will run from May through August with a winter option to start early on specific swing coaching January through April.

The winter session will consist of 8 semi-private swing coaching sessions to be set up once every other week starting the second or third week of January. These sessions will be 1 hour in length for 2 players to be set up after school Monday through Thursday or possible on the weekend. There will also be a team practice/orientation session to be set up for either March or April. A rules seminar will be conducted – date TBA. The cost for this winter option is $600.00 + GST = $630.00

The main program format which will run May through August will consist of semi-private coaching every other week with a 2 hour team practice session (including some on course lessons, short game focus, skills challenges, goal setting, etc.) on the in between weeks. There will be a recommended limited tournament schedule outlined. The cost for this program is $300.00 + GST = $315.00 per month. Please see registration form for details.

Space is extremely limited, so reserve your spot as soon as possible!


  • Ongoing analysis and explanation of swing fundamentals

  • An introduction to the rules of golf

  • Introduction to basic concepts in mental game strategies

  • Implementation of innovative practice drills and games

  • Introduction to golf specific fitness and nutrition

  • Statistical analysis of skills and performance

  • Introduction to self-management skills such as scheduling and training

Participant QuAlifications 

Participant Qualifications

The New Competitive Player program is designed for young players aged 9-13 years who have already shown proficiency for the game of golf and are beginning to show an interest in the competitive side of the game. Participants in this program have typically shown an avid interest in sports in general, and they approach their golf development with tremendous passion and energy.