“Future Junior Champions Program” is an comprehensive junior golf program designed for young players who are preparing to play more competitive golf.

A Professional Coaching and Training Program for Aspiring Young Junior Golfers. Target ages 13 -15 years old

The program introduces concepts and strategies which are suited to competitive golfers and seeks to prepare young athletes for the joys and struggles inherent in competitive golf. Extensive emphasis is put on coaching these young players to fully understand how to train effectively, both for competitive golf and for lasting improvement.

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  • The Four Steps To Mastery
  • Golfʼs Three Essentials
  • The Rules of Golf
  • Mental Golf Profile Analysis and Strategies for Improvement
  • Golf Scrimmages – Introduce players to various games to play at the range or on the course. How to warm up for practice or play/tournaments
  • Comprehensive Short Game Evaluation and Testing
  • GameForge Golf Statistical Analysis of Skills and Performance
  • Decade – Game Management and Strategies for Scoring
  • Development in Self-Management Skills such as Scheduling and Training
  • Playing Lessons/Course Management on 3 hole “Loop”
  • Full Game Assessment and Evaluation – Skills Assessment
  • Focus on Game Weaknesses – Skill Acquisition
  • AimPoint Technologies

Participant QuAlifications 

Participant Qualifications

The Future Junior Champions Program is designed for young players aged 13-15 years old who have already shown proficiency for the game of golf and are beginning to show a higher interest in the competitive side of the game. Participants in this program have typically shown an avid interest in sports in general, and they approach their golf development with tremendous passion and energy.

The Four Steps To Mastery

  • Understanding Cause and Effect
  • Supervised Practice
  • Transfer Training
  • Play

Golf’s Three Essential Skills

  • Ball Control
  • Self Management / Mental Toughness
  • Decision Making

Comprehensive Short Game Evaluations

This short game test is given to both analyze each playerʼs short game condition and to help motivate them towards improvement. Through many years of research we know how players at every level should score on this test in order to perform well in tournaments. This test also helps our instructors prioritize each participantʼs short game practice.


GameForge is a total game analysis program that accurately evaluates your golf game and does so in a unique way. The pros refer to their stats all of the time to evaluate how their games stack up compared to other players at their level. GameForge program measures the strengths and weakness of your game and then compares them to your target handicap. This insightful analysis is very helpful in directing our focus and your practice time. 


The DECADE Course Management System, created by Scott Fawcett, has solved golf strategy by combining shot distribution patterns and PGA Tour scoring statistics. When Scott combined those two data sets he created a simple way to optimize target selection. Good players know if a pin is closely guarded by a lake to favor the center of the green – but how much? DECADE quickly generates the optimal target that will produce the lowest score based on distance, hazards, and hole location.

Mental Golf Profile Analysis

The Mental Golf Profile provides information about each playerʼs tendencies and recommends strategies for customized mental game improvements. Each golfer spends about 10 minutes answering the multiple-choice questionnaire. A 20-plus page report will be sent to the student and the instructor for review. Pre-Round preparation, mental tendencies when playing shots, course management, working with your coach, and mental tendencies towards golf fitness will be highlighted. Your coach will sit down with you for a complete review of the results.

AimPoint Technologies

Be a master green-reader. AimPoint Green Reading is more than just the World’s #1 Green Reading system–it’s a putting solution that integrates Read, Speed, and Aim. Tour players, amateurs, and juniors in over 40 countries and on every major tour have turned to AimPoint as the way to lower scores. Don’t let putting be a mystery anymore, understand break, speed, and aim quickly and learn what it feels like to have complete confidence over any putt.