AimPoint Class Options

Want to putt like a pro? Join us for one of our AimPoint clinics this summer. It’s more than just the world’s number one green reading system, you’ll gain insight and develop strategies for short putts, single breaking and multi-breaking putts and drastically improve your speed and distance control on the greens. Here’s what we have coming up:

AimPoint Express Read Level 1 & 2 Clinic

  • 2 Hour Class
  • $200 + GST

The AimPoint Express Class is designed to show you how to get a reliable read with minimum training and practice. It’s the perfect balance of simplicity and accuracy by giving a dependable read using only one factor. The class covers the process for short, medium and long putts from single-breaking putts to putts with multiple breaks and does not cover topics such as speed control, stroke mechanics, or putter fit. 

This class is the beginning of your green-reading education and these concepts require supervised practice and follow-up instruction in order to be mastered. 

AimPoint Advanced – Read & Speed Class

  • 2 Hour Class
  • $200 + GST

The AimPoint Advanced offers a review of the Read Class along with integrating the Speed Class which is designed to teach you the fundamentals of understanding speed and how to train it. You will learn how stroke length and timing affects distance control and how uphill and downhill putts are adjusted for. As a pre-requisite to this class the AimPoint Express class is highly recommended but not required. 

AimPoint Tour Experience Day

  • $525 + GST (Includes lunch)  

A full day 9am-4pm tour experience. The morning session is three hours of AimPoint Read, Speed and Aim. Lunch is provided and the afternoon session is short game focused with Chip, Pitch and Sand. Or based on course availability actualize your green skills on the golf course. 

AimPoint Geometry & Aim 

  • Private Sessions 
  • $250 per hour + GST

Everyone visualizes putts differently, whether it’s straight lines or curves. Learn how you best see your line whether it’s the AimPoint, Apex, Drop Point or Hole Entry Point. Find out how to heighten your senses for better performance.

Reserve your spot. Limited space available.  

Paul Horton –  Cell: 403-585-0166

Upcoming Dates at Cottonwood Golf & CC (dates are subject to change)

July 2nd 2:30-4:30pm

July 23rd 3-5pm

Aug 20th 3-5pm

Sep 10th 3-5pm

AimPoint Advanced – Read & Speed Class

July 29th 4-6pm

AimPoint Tour Experience Day

Aug 19th 9-4pm